CICLOPE Festival announces its 2023 Shortlist 

CICLOPE Festival has announced the Shortlist selected by the Jury across 37 distinct craft and creative categories. It is now available to view

Winners will be decided by the Jury in the final stages of judging, live in Berlin, to set the global benchmark for the world’s best-crafted creative work of the year.

The Shortlist, of nearly 500 pieces of work, includes the highest ranked entries in each of the 37 categories, based on the scores given by the Festival’s Grand Jury and Executive Jury that comprise some of the industry’s best-known creatives and producers worldwide. 

Shortlisted finalists will battle it out to win a trophy across Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. The juries also have the chance to award a Grand Prix within each of the seven Award sections presented to the most outstanding work of the competition in: Production, Post-Production,  Animation, Sound & Music, Music Video, Special, and Ideas. 

Winners will all be announced on Thursday, November 9th during the Festival’s live Awards Show at UDK’s Concert Hall, Berlin. 

CICLOPE Award categories include Direction, Cinematography, Production Design, Editing, VFX, Animation, Music and more. New categories were also launched in 2023 to recognise a wider range of craft and creative disciplines, including the new Ideas Awards where the Jury will look for fresh, bold and effective film advertising ideas in everything from Film and Live Experience to Innovation and use of new technologies. Shortlists can be downloaded here.

Please note that the order of appearance does not represent the score ranking.

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Production

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Post-Production

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Animation

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Sound & Music

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Music Video

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Special Section

CICLOPE Festival 2023 | Shortlist | Ideas

All winners will be announced on Thursday, November 9th in our live awards ceremony at UDK’s Concert Hall, in Berlin. Tickets for the festival are currently on sale here.

And laurels can be found here. Congratulations to all the shortlisted companies and professionals!