Sustainability Protocol

There is no question that live events have a broad impact on the environment, and certainly CICLOPE is not an exception. Although reduced in the amount of delegates in comparison to other events such as concerts, sports events, etc., we are the excuse for thousands of people to travel and generate waste of different kind, contributing to the existing climate crisis.

We totally acknowledge that, and we are working very actively on reducing the impact to the minimum, while encouraging you (as a member of our community) to do the same. To take accountability, not only as consumers but also as communication professionals.

With that being said, if you are deeply committed with the sustainability cause, instead of traveling to Berlin you can get a digital access to watch all the sessions online and use LinkedIn or any other social media to make valuable professional connections. However, if you feel you are a social bird, and you really want to come, try to avoid planes. If you absolutely have to fly, please book an economy class ticket, offset your flights and save some CO2 tonnes to be used for important occasions.

CICLOPE Sustainability Practices

  • 93% of our production staff is based in Berlin. This does not only reduce the impact of transportation and accommodation, but also contributes to the local economy.
  • Marginal printing since all information is available on screens, in our digital program and the festival app.
  • Wristbands, and their clips, are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Lanyards will be reused at next year’s event so please drop them off at our recycling bins at the main entrance after the last day (you won’t need your lanyard at the Award Ceremony)
  • Coffee cups are ceramic (like at home!) making it the most sustainable solution.
  • Water and soft drinks are served in glass bottles.
  • Only snacks will be served during the coffee breaks (no lunch will be available in the venue) so there’s virtually no food waste.
  • The finger food served at the Warm-Up Cocktail (right before the Award Ceremony) includes: vegan and vegetarian options, dairy from regional farms (Brandenburg) & certified fish products with the MSC seal or “Naturland” seal.
  • Leftover food will be distributed, insofar as permitted by the applicable hygiene regulations.
  • Regarding our set design & furniture, reusable equipment was rented from regional service providers.
  • Top plants were used as decoration, which will be returned to the rental nursery after the event.
  • Stage elements, such as the CICLOPE lettering, were already produced in previous years, stored, and reused this year.
  • Supplementary stage elements produced this year will be stored and reused in the coming years.
  • We provide accommodations to our guests (jury, speakers & journalists) in walking distance from the venue, with good connections to the public transport system.
  • Transportation from and to the airport is done 100% with electric vehicles.