Are you passionate about the ever-evolving landscape of film craft and advertising? Any groundbreaking insights, innovative strategies, or captivating case studies to share with industry peers? We’re thrilled to invite you to submit your talk proposals for CICLOPE Festival 2024.

A few tips...

  1. Diverse Backgrounds, Unified Passions: We’re on the lookout for speakers from various backgrounds to create a vibrant and inclusive lineup.
  2. Energize the Stage: We’re looking for speakers who are not just experts but engaging storytellers.
  3. Passion and Creativity: Individuals should come on stage with a genuine interest in sharing their insights or discuss the latest industry innovations. Jumping on stage for self-promotion is a bad idea.
  4. Craft a Compelling Summary: Concise synopsis often resonate the strongest. The description should be no longer than 150-200 words.
  5. Impact our Audience: CICLOPE’s audience is filled with top creatives from all corners of the industry.  Your talk should be engaging, interesting and relevant across different areas.
  6. Time Well Invested: Take the time to craft your submission thoughtfully.
  7. Patience is Key: Each proposal will be thoroughly reviewed. In case your proposal is of interest for CICLOPE, our team will get in touch.
  8. Deadline for submissions: August 30th.


Now you’re ready to fill in the form below. Let’s celebrate craft and spark creativity!