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Georgia Hudson has the ability to combine honest, unflinching interior worlds and epic, transcendent realities with stunning technical craft. Her film for Nike, Stop at Nothing, was globally celebrated by Cannes LionsCliosBritish ArrowsD&AD1.4, Creative Circle and Kinsale. With two Super Bowl spots under her belt for Budweiser and Michelobrepeat work for Under Armour, O2, Loyle Carner and P!nk, other clients include Beats by DreBBC, Zalando, PlayStation, Delta, Lancôme, alongside an impressive list of musical artists. Georgia is dedicated to her work and the portrayal of people, bringing her signature enthusiasm and energy to every project with a sincere commitment to craft and community.


at ciclope

In this conversation, directors Georgia Hudson and David Wilson consider how to unite client, agency and production around a shared goal; how to create bold work in a climate of fear; and how to stand (through the process of production) for the values that many campaigns signal.