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    Nov. 9th 15:00

about the speaker

Daniel Warwick was born in North Yorkshire and moves to Minnesota (at age 3) then to North Germany (at age 5) where he grew up, making him a self-called Cosmopolitan Redneck.

He started in the film industry as a Line Producer and terrible 1.AD then started directing in 2003 – starting with music videos and then got lured into commercials by a trail of golden Smarties.

His ads have won over 100 awards over the years including Gold Cannes LionsYellow D&AD PencilsCliosNew York FestivalEurobest and recently a Grand Prix at Sydney Award and a Grand Prix at CICLOPE Asia.

The profile picture was a result of him giving his daughter permission to apply make up. He often gives permission to things he later regrets. But this was worth the photo.

On his lifelong mission of living and inspiring Respectful Hedonism he always thinks he’s only halfway there.


at ciclope

Winner of CICLOPE Asia’s Grand PrixSummer Never Sleeps for Kathmandu is an outstanding piece of craft. Produced by Scoundrel and created by Special, and counting with incredible comedy chops, great editing, fun performances and a catchy song composition, Summer Never Sleeps became an absolute hit in this year’s edition of CICLOPE Asia, taking home 3 trophies and being shortlisted in 4 additional categories. Join director Daniel Warwick, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of ScoundrelAdrian Shapiro, and Special’s Creative Director David Shirley as they guide the audience through the creative process behind this hit, moderated by Jason Stone (David Reviews).