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about the jury

Shelley Lui is a Creative Director at Innocean Berlin.

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Costa Rica. After dabbling in Business Administration, she realized that this wasn’t “it” for her. So she packed up her suitcases and moved to South Beach where she attended Miami Ad School while at the same time got quite a decent tan. The experience made her into a bit of a nomad, where in the courses of the following years she lived out of two suitcases and had the opportunity to work in agencies located in New York, Shanghai, Madrid, Hamburg, and Berlin. She spent 10 years working at BBDO Berlin where she formed part of the core creative team for smart car, both globally and in the German market. During this time, smart became Germany’s most awarded brand. In 2018, she moved to Jung von Matt/Havel as part of the core initial team that helped build the agency, and most recently moved to Innocean Berlin, also as Creative Director.

She has been an instructor at Miami Ad School since 2015, and finds immense happiness and satisfaction in working with young creatives. Her awards include Cannes LionsEurobestLIA, CliosNew York FestivalsADC GermanyOne Show, amongst others. When not working in advertising, her passion lies in creating artwork through different mediums such as painting, illustration and mixed media.