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about the jury

Florian Lakenmacher first picked up the guitar as a child and found his way into the producer’s chair via several bands. After producing a number of chart successes in Germany, his focus shifted towards moving image founding Supreme Music in Hamburg in 2008. Over the years he’s collected many national and international awards for campaigns for Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and CCTV. In 2016, he won the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions for the song he composed and produced for Edeka #heimkommen, and in 2022, he helped to make Penny The Wish a worldwide success with his emotional re-interpretation of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. As well as continuing to write music, Florian oversees all creative aspects of the sonic process (from supervision to composition and recording, mixing, sound design and live orchestral arrangements) across Supreme’s three studios in Berlin, Hamburg and New York.