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about the jury

Ashley Benton has worked in production & post-production for over eight years in Los Angeles and New York. Her career took off at Barking Owl, a music and sound company she joined in 2015. She has since established herself as Executive Creative Producer, relocating to New York City in 2021 to open Barking Owl’s first satellite location as the company expands. Ashley has been involved in several Super Bowl projects including’s collaborations with Idris Elba and Melissa McCarthy, along with the Emmy-nominated Meta Skate Ghana project. Ashley has been at the helm of Barking Owl’s most notable, socially conscious, and culturally impactful projects, such as LFG, a documentary for the USWS lawsuit for equal pay, and Corazón, a film spreading awareness for organ donation and Barking Owl’s first full-length feature.

Prior to joining the Barking Owl team, Ashley worked in film and digital production where she gained her early production experience, after graduating from UCLA.