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about the jury

As the Co-Founder of COMMONVISIONAnnika Hatje leads the Berlin-based production company with her fresh perspective on filmmaking. With her background in fashion, Annika translates such creative approaches and talents into commercial and advertising, establishing a natural connection between the two worlds.

With a commitment to mentoring and shaping the future of the creative industry, Annika actively participates in programs like D&AD Shift and panel talks, educating and collaborating with the next generation of creative minds.

Her passion for production and cultural relevance motivates her to engage in impactful projects that resonate with audiences, promoting positive change. From the very beginning brands such as BirkenstockVersace and Calvin Klein collaborated with COMMONVISION to create their campaigns. Her genuine support for women in leadership roles is evident as she teams up with like-minded partners who appreciate the power of authentic storytelling and a positive work atmosphere.

Annika studied Market Management Anthropology which nurtured her interest in understanding how culture, individuals, or communities influence, shape, and disrupt products, as well as brand communication strategies.

Annika loves to hike, swim in the open waters, family time, natural wine tasting, and all things food. At best, all of the above combined. Never forget to take some time off and take care of yourself…