To submit, go to SUBMIT, and create a user name and password, by completing the required information. Then LOGIN into the system.

Once in the Entry System:

Step #1

UPLOAD YOUR FILMS. The suggested formats for videos are MPEG4, MPEG2 or MOV files, with a maximum weight of 750 MB. The recommended compression rate is 15-20 Mbits. PLEASE do not include any special characters (& / * / “”) in the name of the file. For the Brand Content / Long Form categories, upload a trailer (3 minutes maximum) and provide a web link to the complete piece. Take into account that the complete piece should last no longer than 20 minutes. For Apps, you can either submit a video (case study) or an image (JPEG file together with a link to the work on the credits form). For VR projects, please upload a case study video that shows the final result and the user’s reaction to it.

Step #2

Go to SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES, select your film and then click NEXT.

Step #3

Select the appropriate section and categories. The same file can be submitted in more than one category. Once you finish, click on NEXT. Complete the required information and click on FINALIZE. and note that it is MANDATORY to include a link to the work on Vimeo or YouTube. Double check the info on the form and click on DONE

Step #4

You will then be able to add more entries or to pay to complete the submission. Select the entries you want to pay for. To get the discounted rate, you have to pay for three or more entries at once. Keep in mind that unpaid entries won’t be considered in the competition. Once you click on the credit card icon and confirm your selection, you will be automatically redirected to 2CheckOut, a safe automatic payment system where you can pay with credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or PayPal. You can get the invoice of your purchase by going to and include your billing information.


You can see the status, edit, delete, finalize and/or create new entries by going to MY ENTRIES, on the upper side of the screen.