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about the jury

Waterloo Ezaki studied Media Studies in New York and made his start in the industry as a high-definition production coordinator for CBS in Los Angeles. He has experience as a writer and producer and has localized several reality shows by FremantleMedia for the Asian market.

After 20 years in the U.S., he returned to Japan and worked as a producer in the International Content Strategy Office at a major Japanese TV network for 10 years. He helped develop four international projects co-produced by a major Japanese film studio, a Japanese TV station, and a major American streaming media service. He produced an Indian co-produced documentary with NHK that won the Best Documentary Award at the International Calcutta Film Festival. In recognition of his industry experience, he has served as a judge for major TV and film awards in the U.S.

Recently, he served as the Japanese producer for the US NBC Sports Tokyo Olympics and handled on-site production management for a major game show at Amazon. He has also served as a consultant in the film content investment department of a British banking information consultancy.