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about the jury

Rebecca Niles is the Managing Director of ArtClass, a next-generation production company known for its diverse roster of international directors and innovative approach to video and film production. ArtClass creates captivating content, ranging from commercials, editorial, series, films, and digital content.

As an executive producer, she has recently worked on a short film by Charlie Kaufman titled Jackals and Fireflies, and a TV series directed by Vincent Peone titled Bedtime Stories, starring Ryan Reynolds. She is currently producing the upcoming feature film What A Strong Wind by director Matvey Fiks.

Rebecca’s unique perspective in the field stems from her collaborations with renowned brands like PelotonGoDaddyGoogleSamsungVersaceVogue, and Maximum Effort, showcasing her expertise in the industry.

ArtClass is known for its dedication to nurturing young talent and delivering exceptional outcomes. Through their use of cutting-edge technology, ArtClass continues to make a significant impact in the industry.