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Jeff Baron is Partner and Managing Director of Chromista. His long-standing career in production marked by a commitment to mentorship and director development, proudly leading creative thinkers and storytellers to new artistic heights. Prior to joining Chromista, Baron co-founded the creative content production company Loveboat in partnership with indie director Nicolas Winding Refn. As the Managing Partner of Loveboat, Baron led Loveboat’s Los Angeles office to produce award-winning projects encompassing advertising and entertainment. Previously in his career, Baron launched Stink Films in the US and served as Senior Executive Producer at Anonymous Content for over thirteen years. Throughout, his impressive body of work has him firmly at the helm, steering projects directed by some of the industry’s most visionary filmmakers, including Alejandro G. IñárrituDavid FincherTraktorEliot RauschArthur JafaFrank Budgen, and his former partner at Loveboat, Nicolas Winding Refn.