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about the jury

Edouard Bonnet is an advertising enthusiast. He embarks on his career as an agency producer at Buzzman in Paris, a small and promising agency at this time that became the high-esteemed one we know now. There, he hones his skills, grows a deep appreciation for creative advertising and discovers himself as a maker.

When in 2016, Edouard founded DeGaulle, he did it with one simple goal: to bring comedy back to an advertising production era where craft and dramatic visual effects often take the spotlight and kill the fun of a singular but strong narrative idea. DeGaulle’s core values center around nurturing emerging talents, exploring new comedic styles, keeping the idea at the forefront, and never forgetting to share a good burgundy wine bottle in any occasion.

In 2022, DeGaulle joined forces with La/Pac, one of France’s most distinguished production companies, driven by a shared commitment to making the best films no matter what and this never-ending desire of elevating comedy and new narrative talents to advertising highest standards.