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about the jury

Alba Barneda studied Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (2004-2008). Shortly after graduating, she received a call from the directors of CANADA, who were looking for the producer ideal for an exciting project. Barneda accepted the challenge and began to cement together with the group of directors the international production company that today is CANADA.

She began producing tiny pieces for museums and music videos for bands from the indie scene. The success of those projects prompted CANADA to deliver both national and international projects of greater scope, at the same time that the production company opened up to the representation of more directors.

She has been in charge of the Production Department for over a decade at CANADA, where she has participated in projects for artists such as Dua LipaRosalia and Tame Impala. With them, she has achieved nominations for the Grammy, the Latin Grammy and the MTV Awards.