Executive Deputy Head of Content/ TV


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Yvonne currently works at AMVBBDO PLC Advertising Agency in London and helps run the Content & TV department which produces over 400 projects each year. She has been at AMVBBDO for the past twenty years and still produces as well as helping to run the department. Work she has produced whilst there, include the following award winning advertising commercials :
Guinness “Swimblack”
Guinness “Surfer”
Guinness “Noitulove”
Mercedes “I am – Josh Brolin”

Yvonne has worked on various projects for many of AMVBBDO clients including, Mars, Aviva, Sainsbury’s, Diageo, Mercedes, Camelot, Pepsico, Walkers, BT, Economist and Twinings Tea.
She also helps run the biggest and busiest TV/Content department in the UK. Her previous background started in Post Production working at Roger Cherrill Post House where directors like Alan Parker, Ridley Scott, Hugh Hudson were editing their work and making names for themselves not only in commercials but films as well. After 5 years in Post Production, Yvonne moved into Production, working in various Production Companies for 6 years and producing for many up & coming, and established directors.

Then came the move into the Advertising Agency side where she is to this day. Yvonne’s passion for film is what drives her. Bringing a script / idea to life!! Working with great creative and directors to make outstanding content.