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Chief Creative Officer


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Yuya started out years ago at Dentsu as a TV writer, when advertising life was much simpler. Today, he mainly oversees the Communication Design Center, a department that cannot be defined in terms of familiar advertising fields. Under his leadership, his staff works on projects ranging from product development, branded content creation, pure content creation, including TV programs and movies, content export, space planning and design, digital platform development, business strategy and consulting, and PR to traditional advertising. Yuya himself is also involved in government projects such as the Olympic Games and the National Stadium.

International accolades for Yuya include gold, silver and bronze awards at Cannes, D&AD, One Show and Spikes, among others, as well as Grand Prix at Adfest. In 2005, he won the Creative Person of the Year award of the Japan Advertising Agencies Association. He is also a familiar face as a judge at international awards, including Cannes, D&AD, Clio, Spikes and Adfest, and as a speaker at various conferences.

Besides his work as Chief Creative Officer, Yuya is also known for writing scenarios for TV and radio programs, lyrics for pop songs, and a column for a major national newspaper. He also lectures at Nihon University College of Art.