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Ute is a passionate, inspired and diligent professional. She has a habit of making big ideas even bigger. She started out as a tour manager for a dance theatre group called COAX in Hamburg before moving to film where she found her big love. In Hamburg she was part of a creative group of musicians and artists called PUDEL`S CLUB – e.g. Daniel Richter ( painter), Schorsch Kamerun ( theatre and music). As she was the only person dealing with film by then she produced all their music videos and events in the 90’s . She also worked as an editor for many years in advertising, music videos and short films. At the same time she produced several documentaries – mainly music driven. Following this, she had her own production company in Berlin called KLEINERRESSLER  – a platform for all kinds of her own projects. After closing that she started at Heimat, as Head Of TV. The perfect place to find great ideas. After 4 years she is back on production side – happy having found a new home in REKORDER in Berlin.