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Tor has been immersed in the world of film editing since she was 18.  You could say it is in her blood.  Over that time, she has honed a keen interest and appreciation of the craft of editing, witnessing the transformation of work from Steinbeck to AVID and the exciting blurring of the offline/online worlds.

Tor has been with the Quarry for 17 years.  Starting out as office manager, she has worked her way up to Head of Production, where she looks after the editorial talent as well as the many clients coming through the door.  Over the years Tor has post produced an impressive range of award winning work, D&AD, Arrows, Cannes and Ciclope, such as Stella ‘Ice Skating Priests’, Vodafone ‘Time Theft’, Budweiser ‘Lyric’ and Guinness ‘John Hammond’.  The work is varied, and sometimes challenging from 5 spot campaigns with Jeff Goldblum for Curry’s to producing an overnight live TV ad for Virgin Holidays, and a Waitrose campaign shooting in the morning and on air by lunchtime.

She has developed a close and approachable relationship with producers, directors and agencies alike, and these relationships extend way beyond the cutting room.  Every four years, she is at the centre of a Pannini football sticker whirlwind for the likes of Kevin Thomas and Chris Palmer, negotiating options and closing deals – the producer never sleeps.

Over the last year, she has been increasingly involved in the planning and implementation of The Quarry’s post production facility Youngster, and producing VFX work for Tom Sparks.