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Thomas has graduated and started his career as researcher at the University of Florence, Italy. He has written a considerable amount of code for semantic web applications, computer vision installations and good old web platforms while publishing a few scientific papers for international journals and conferences. He also managed to take a Ph.D. in computer engineering, multimedia and communications while teaching web programming languages at the University and starting up his first venture: a digital production company specialising in software and services for the cultural heritage. Then he realised that there was no future for him in the shrinking Italian economy and decided to move to London and change life. Since then, he has worked for companies in the digital advertising industry and has coded even more than what done during his previous life, while accumulating a significant amount of awards: he is particularly proud of Nike, Write the Future with The Rumpus Room, Lifesaver with UNIT9 and lately Google DevArt with Stinkdigital. He is now delighted of his rather incomprehensible job title and willingly accepts his wife’s jokes who calls him “the man in pyjamas” for his tendency to write code over night when deadlines approach.