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Sebastian’s advertising biography says he was born in 1992. He spent his childhood at Verdino Bates in Buenos Aires, and later his teenage years (full of rebellion and long hair) were suffered by Agulla&Baccetti Buenos Aires. A more mature Sebastian ventured to Mother in London, and then to Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, until he decided it was time to go back home and have a kid with his partner Maxi Anselmo.

Thus, Santo was born in 2005 and like every child, it’s been a blessing for him ever since. In 2009 his second baby was born, Santo London and later Santo Milan. Sebastian hopes growing old finds him as willing to learn as he is now (at least how to learn how to write bios in the first person) and that when he dies, his ashes are spread in his little office for everyone’s disgust.

Santo was named AdAge’s international agency of the year 2010. Sebastian’s most important awards include 17 cannes lions, 7 one show pencils, 4 D&AD mentions and several regional and local Grand Prix. They will all be cremated with him, as per his request.