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I have no idea why I was asked to be part of this jury filled with incredible creatives. To be honest, I don’t even know how I ended up in advertising in the first place. I used to hate it. It was pollution in the streets and an interruption of everything I loved on TV. And a few weeks back even my 4 year old son Kalle asked me: “Why do you work in advertising? Advertising is boring.” Damn kids and their brutal honesty.

So why the fuck did I spend 16 years of my life with boring shit? I believe we have the mission to change its perception. To eternally rebel against its cliché. To never stop pushing and crafting so that one day my son will look up and think: “Wow, what was that?” Just the way I did when I saw Flat Eric for the first time. Or Jonathan Glazer’s “Odyssey”. They have set the bar for what can be done. And I believe there is no finish line when it comes to trying to push that bar even further up. Again and again. That’s what I try to do every day. And maybe that’s also why I was asked to be part of this jury.

For the ones who can’t live without facts and think a good bio needs to be written in third person: Sebastian Oehme, or “Sebbo” as most people except his mother say, has worked for agencies like Kolle Rebbe, Wieden+Kennedy and VCCP on clients like Google, NIKE, BMW Motorrad and Spotify and has also been Creative Director at NIKE. Right now he is trying to finish his master’s thesis about artificial intelligence as a tool in the creative process at the University of Art in Berlin (fingers crossed). And as you have probably realised by now, he hates to write about himself in third person. Because he’s not a king and doesn’t have multiple personality disorder.