Executive Producer

South Africa

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Rozanne Rocha-Gray grew up both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Starting her film education in nappies, her keen sense of performance was nurtured by having to sit through session after session in her mother’s casting studio. Not just a pretty face, Rozanne has lived the lives of at least ten of us normal people. In her teens, leaping at the opportunity to travel the world, she embarked on a (somewhat average) international modeling career. And so, while the other young girls were out partying, Rozanne was busy absorbing the skills of the crews around her and cultivating a love of film by spending her off time in many a dark Parisian cinema. 

She never for a second doubted that production was where she wanted to be. Armed with an acute sense of composition, framing, and wearing Uniqlo bubble jackets, Rozanne has combined her knowledge and experience to become a creative producer who is invaluable to those privileged enough to work with her. She has collaborated with many of the world’s finest directors to create some of the most groundbreaking and award-winning commercials (and one music video). 

Rozanne is not only recognized for her prowess as one of South Africa’s top producers, with more than 20 years in the industry, she is respected for her flexible and astute approach to her work. Rozanne has recently realized her dream of joining forces with long-standing creative partner, director Terence  Neale, and director/producer team Greg Gray and Helena Woodfine to form ROMANCE. Through this platform she plans to expand her capacity as a producer to incorporate collaborating with young directors and producing work for like-minded international clients.