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Prasoon was born in Jaipur, India, into a large family where he was the youngest of 9 siblings. They all grew up in a wonderful atmosphere of music, poetry, drama and folklore. While still in school, he started working as a professional actor in stage productions and by the time he was in grade 10, he designed his first set for a light n sound show.

Prasoon went on to study Design for five years at the National Institute of Design, but got hired as a Writer Creative Director at Lintas (rechristened Lowe). He eventually turned a Film Director when a client insisted that no one else could do justice to what Prasoon had written. That directorial debut won him the Best Director, Best Script, Best Film, Best Music, Best Cinematography, and the Best Debut Director at the Indian Advertising Filmmaker’s Awards in 1995.

From there Prasoon has gone on to become India’s most awarded Director. Over the years, his work has broken new ground in Indian advertising and has picked up scores of awards at Cannes, Clios, Ad fest, New York Festivals and Indian Advertising Shows. The year 2001 saw the Gunn Report rank him among the top 25 advertising directors in the world.

His company, Corcoise Films, is named after his daughter’s word for a cockroach (she was 3 year old then) and the logo was designed by his son (he was 6).