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Born in 1976, he first wanted to start a carrer as a musician, before he felt in love with the film industry. After his general qualification for university entrance in 1996 he started working as a volunteer in an advertising agency, where he soon switched into the position of a junior account representative. In 1998 he decided to work self-employed in different disciplines of the film industry – from creative to the production side of the business. In 2000 he quitted his self-employment to work for Neue Sentimental Film Frankfurt as a production assistant and within the same year he was already one of their junior producers.

In the same year he also volunteered for 9 weeks as a development aid worker for FEEDBACk e.V., in Capetown – ZA, which was co-founded by one of the owners of Neue Sentimental Film. At the end of the year 2000 he and some collegues launched a new subsidiary of Neue Sentimental Film called GROUP.IE. He started to work as a producer for such clients as Volkswagen, EXPO, Mercedes-Benz, Telekom and many more. As his task field was framed by such interdisciplinary varieties, he was choosen to be the one to establish the R&D department within GROUP.IE. After a little while he created the new job description “creative producer”. One of his well-known projects is the Frankfurt based advertising film festival “vdw award”, which was established in 2003 and is nowadays still running under the name of “Werbefilmpreis”.

In 2003 he left GROUP.IE to launch his own project “komma9” which is still operating. Between 2004 and 2012 he was also working as a freelance producer and 1. AD in the advertising industry where he produced TV commercials for numerous clients such as Dr. Oetker, FIAT, PORSCHE, MAZDA, Samsung, Unicef, Sony and many more.
In the years of 2009 and 2010 he enlarged his experience in post production/visual effects. He started working as a post production producer and became the deputy managing producer for VCC GmbH – Agency for Postproduction in Düsseldorf.

He begun to freelance for PIXOMONDO as a VFX Producer in January 2013. His scope of responsibilities was rapidly expanded, till he decided to left in November 2013 and founded “SPS Feed” – a start up which is doing R&D for a
sustainable protein source based on insects. In September 2014, Pascal has become the COO | managing producer of