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Neysa Horsburgh has been serving as the Managing Director for VFX/Animation Studio Psyop since 2007. With studios in Los Angeles and New York, she oversees the culmination of creative projects from big brand commercials to VR experiences, and much more in between.  Prior to Psyop, Neysa launched Method in 1998 and was MD for 10 years, working with directors like Rupert Saunders, Frederick Bond, Noam Murro, and Mark Romanek on big visual effects campaigns for Nike, HP, Adidas, Xbox and Playstation. 

Over the course of Horsburgh’s time with Psyop, honors such as Emmys, Cannes Lions, Clios, ADC, Webbys, and Annie Awards have all been snagged for a wide range of visual effect and animation work. Creating for brand names like Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Xbox, Supercell and Samsung has allowed for lasting relationships with Psyop and continues to open the door for more innovative, boundary-pushing work.

Recent notable projects include the old-school inspired
Man and Dog” animation spot for Coca-Cola, storybook-esque spot The Letter” for Otto and Wall and Chain” for Airbnb. Additionally, Psyop’s ongoing campaign work for Clash of Clans has wracked up over 593 million views on YouTube alone, including the Super Bowl 2015 live-action spot starring Liam Neeson, which now has 127 million YouTube views to date. Horsburgh continues to act as a vital component to the company, whether it’s mega-brand content production, new dives into the VR community, or just plain stoking the fire of this crazy creative community.