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An accomplished Art Director of 16 years with over 120 international awards to his name – Myles still believes he should have been a writer. Myles started his career in Cape Town as a young 16-year-old hustling school holiday gigs at agencies like Ogilvy and Y&R. After graduating from Ad School he started his first real job at Lowe Cape Town 1996. After 8 successful years with Lowe he moved to Hamburg as Senior Art Director for Springer & Jacoby on Mercedes-Benz and eBay. In 2007 he joined Heimat Berlin, to take a post as Creative Director on Audi and CNN International. In 2012 Myles joined the board of Heimat Berlin, fulfilling a role as Geschäftsführer Kreation. Myles is most recognized for the “CNN Go Beyond Borders Project “ and the recent “CNN Ecosphere” which garnered 4 Cannes Lions in 2012 as well as 3 Grandprix’ s at ADC , Eurobest and ADCE Europe. Myles has judged shows like Cannes and New York Festivals, is a member of the German ADC and executive member of the International Academy of Digital Arts.