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Mario started working in the family’s electronic business at the age of 18 while he was also studying for a degree in Audiovisual Communication.

On his first shoot as a runner, he decided to leave the family business and concentrate on production. Before he finished his degree he founded a production company, specializing in corporate videos, making ofs and events. A year after getting to know the sector he decided to concentrate in advertising. In 2004 he founded Blur Film, the company that he still runs today.

Blur has produced ads for some of the most well-known advertising agencies in Spain as well as music videos for several large international record labels. Although most of Blur’s work has been done within the advertising sector, in 2009, it produced its first documentary, ‘Un viaje al mar muerto’, filmed in Israel over the course of four weeks and directed by Chino Moya for Sony BMG International. In the same year, Blur co-produced ‘Secuestrados’ with Vaca Films, directed by Miguel Angel Vivas, a film which premiered in 54 different countries. The film received and award for Best Picture and Best Director in the Austin International Fantastic Fest. Filmed in ten consecutive sequence shots, this was a new and important challenge for Blur.

Today, Blur is one of the leading production companies in Spain. They have completed numerous productions for American and UK advertising agencies as well as production services for companies worldwide. Blur has offices in Madrid and Barcelona.