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Born in 1978, Maik started working in advertising at the age of 20. 15 years of working in car-advertising made him one of the most experienced car creatives in Germany. He is responsible for international campaigns of Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, KIA Motors and BMW. His latest work of 2014 for BMW included collaborations with Gus van Sant, Sebastian Strasser, Bruno Aveillon, Martin Werner and Ralf Schmerberg.

Maik is a founding member of Serviceplan in Hamburg where he works today as Executive Creative Director worldwide for the Serviceplan International Group – responsible for global accounts including BMW and Heineken Group. In 2014, he was leading the Cannes Chimera working on brand strategies and campaigns for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Currently, Maik is experimenting with extended film-projects exploring new structures in entertainment, collaborations with studios, production companies, creatives and content developers in Berlin and Los Angeles. Besides film, complex 3D installations became his big passion and Maik was awarded with more than 1.000 international awards in the last years. This included numerous Golds at Cannes Lions, One Show Design, ADC NY and CLIOs plus several Grands Prix Awards like Eurobest’s Design Grand Prix in 2010 for his spacious Pro Contra Show in Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. This became one of the most awarded projects worldwide in 2009. Furthermore, Maik works on personal art projects at Schechinger Fine Art Gallery.