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Born and raised in Rome with a few awards on my back. Deeply roman, and i think you’ll spot it from the accent.

It’s been 12 years i’ve been doing this job and It’s been 12 years that i’ve been sharing joys and sorrows with my agencies mates, my families. I’ve seen so many crazy things, met so many people, been through days and nights and despite this, my mom still says that my job is “DRAWING STUFF”… literally.

In my career i’ve been working for national and international creative agencies like Saatchi, TBWA, Leo Burnett, BBDO, Grey and of course the one that is guesting me now, Publicis. I’ve been working in a few different countries, having lots of fun and working hard to learn and develop the strategic thinking, something that i truly believe is fundamental to build a brand.

I had the chance to work for global clients, advertising big and small brands in different markets, from EMEA to US: from cars to laundry products, from alcoholic drinks, to banks, etc… too many to write them all.

I have a motto that represents my approach which is “say something before you do something”. Favorite Ad like ever: Real men of genius. No seriously, like ever ever.