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Lisa Mehling has immersed herself in the art and business of advertising since she first encountered the work of David Ogilvy in college. Lisa began her career on the agency side in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t long before Lisa made the jump to production, landing at UK creative boutique Spots Films, whose roster was comprised of many of the industry’s most dynamic and exciting emerging talents. It was during her time at Spots that Lisa’s love of advertising combined with her instincts for identifying talent and knack for representing directors. Lisa quickly developed a reputation as someone who fostered remarkable talent while consistently delivering resourceful solutions and creative excellence to agencies and their clients.

Lisa, alongside her business partner Allison Amon, acquired Chelsea in 2001, and brought with them a renewed commitment to creative excellence and the highest standards in production. In addition to their work via Chelsea, Lisa and Allison both served as Executive Producers on the blockbuster documentary The Queen of Versailles. Through their passion and dedication to cultivating and curating a roster of unique and diverse talent, Chelsea has grown into one of the world’s leading production resources, perennially collaborating with the industry’s best to produce award-winning work of the highest pedigree across broadcast, digital, film, TV, branded entertainment and print.