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I am the managing director of The Directors Bureau in Los Angeles.  I started in the film business in New York City in the 90’s after falling into it over a game of pool at the Raccoon Lodge on Amsterdam and 86th.  I loaded film cameras for the first couple of years, and pulled cable behind dollies, which was random as I studied English lit and creative writing in college – but it led to producing for many talented directors and then executive producing for companies such as The Directors Bureau, Anonymous Content & Gorgeous, MJZ, Epoch Films & Rattling Stick, and then back to The Directors Bureau.  

One of the first music video directors I wanted to produce for was Roman Coppola; I thought his videos were totally original, had scale, street cred and an inventive sensibility that I shared.  I started producing for him in the mid-90’s, and for Mike Mills, and soon started executive producing for the company they founded, The Directors Bureau.  I left to see what else was out there, saw it, and then happily returned in 2012.  I enjoy working with so many creative and original directors, and the agency and clients that they draw in – aside from all of our genius colleagues that work at the Bureau, whose different sensibilities permeate every corner of our culture here.  I even like working in the heart of Hollywood, give or take the odd severe inseam of a rank Spiderman character smoking in our doorway.  It all counts for something when the goal is to be part of the culture and to create work that resonates.