Executive Director of Integrated Production


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Lalita (Lali) Koehler is the Executive Director of Integrated Production for Saatchi LA, and Dallas. Her extraordinary passion for the creative process is evident in every production she oversees– which has led to a bevy of industry firsts. For Toyota, Lali spearheaded the first ever live TV twitter integration in an ad during Super Bowl 2016, and the first and tallest scalable billboard in New York City’s Times Square. Also, the first experiential VR at TechCrunch Disrupt for Prius Prime, and the first time an agency produced 100K videos from one day of shooting for a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid programmatic campaign. Perhaps most impressive was her global launch of Toyota’s sponsorship for the 2018 PyeongChangWinter Olympics and Parlympics. This included the immense challenge of producing 9 broadcast spots, and overseeing the creation of over 3,600 assets for 28 markets. Toyota had never before produced a campaign that didn’t feature a single automobile– yet the work was lauded by dealers and executives alike– as the most effective and beloved creative campaign to date. Her guidance helped successfully shift Toyota’s brand positioning from a car company, to a mobility company. 

Yet, among the massive scope of Olympic work, the most important and personal to Lali was the social activation– SeeLikeMenna. It allowed the world to experience visually impaired Paralympic downhill skier Menna Fitzpatricks sport, through her eyes– elevating the significance of the Paralymic games and its athletes.

Lali’s passion for adventure and travel has taken her career from her native Brazil, to Miami, Paris, Barcelona, Virginia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She helped create groundbreaking work for Yahoo! and Dom Parignon, the relaunch of Myspace, integrated projects for AT&T and Ubisoft, the 30th Anniversary of Apple, as well as the launch of the iPhone 5C, and of course, Toyota. She credits her success to the amazing people she has worked with, and always championing great ideas by creating the runways for them to flourish. She also hopes to continue her fight for gender equality within every agency department. Lali has shared her busy life with her supportive husband, and two beautiful children and is always looking for time to be on a bike with the Fireflies.