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Kristina Wibom is Partner and Executive Producer at the Stockholm-based production company, Camp David.

She started her career as a producer in the 90s, working with commercials, music videos and short format content. Teaming up with Camp David in 2006, Kristina worked hand in hand with the company as Producer, then later as Executive Producer to seek and create a superb variety of commercials for the both the domestic and global market, consequently earning Camp David its stronghold on the Swedish – and world – advertising stage. Kristina can also credit wins and nominations at a multitude of global festivals to her name. Her production of the campaign Only – The Liberation won a Gold Lion and two Silver Lions at Cannes 2012.

And her work doesn’t stop at commercials. Kristina has always taken a keen interest and passion in the creative development of narrative ideas. To that tune, she can count the award-winning novella film IN, directed by Adam Berg in 2010 and the short-film-festival-circuit darling, Vatten directed by Niclas Larsson in 2013, to her portfolio.

Kristina’s place within the development of the production industry in Sweden is also of no small mention. As a member of Film & TV Producenterna, the Stockholm-based industry organisation for production companies in film, TV and advertising, Kristina’s contributions to the advancement of good production practices and positive change in Sweden is invaluable.

In 2015 Kristina was awarded the prestigious Royalty Award at Roygalan, the biggest industry gala in Sweden, for her dedication and efforts towards prioritising equal opportunities for female directors in advertising.

As an Executive Producer, Kristina believes that one of the most exciting aspects of being part of the advertising business is finding and working with new talent, seeing them develop, and subsequently go on to accomplish great achievements.