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Kelly Bayett is the Creative Director as well as Founder and Partner of Barking Owl. Her goal was to create a music, sound design and mix company that always focuses on creative and collaboration first in every department. Since founding the company in 2009, she has added the music supervision talent of Liza Richardson, the composing talents of Oscar winner Atticus Ross, Chulo Records founder Jacob Plasse, Oscar nominated Sound Designer Wylie Stateman, sound designer Morgan Johnson, three brilliant mixers as well as songwriter Brian Canning.

Kelly has been the recipient of every major advertising award, including collaborations on Emmy winning commercial work. She works as Creative Director with clients such as Nike, Coke, Google, New York Times, Gatorade, Montefiore, Old Spice, Audi, Apple and more. Kelly lives in Los Angeles with her partner in love, life and business, Justin Bayett and their 4 children. She is also a partner in the GAF Project to promote and create monthly events that center around fundraising and volunteering.