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Firm as a rock Julia has been a Senior Producer at Jung von Matt for more than 10 years. Little Instagram snippets or big productions playing on all channels – she fights relentlessly for the power of creativity. Well known for her sixth sense for directors and the potential of scripts she has been a solid partner for creative directors at all Jung von Matt branches.

Over the years she has been producing more than 150 commercials – many of them have been rewarded. Besides classical TV and Cinema ads her interest lies in developing and realizing new media formats. Her two projects (“Last call” & “The Witness”) for the TV Cannel 13th street have been highly rewarded for its cutting-edge use of interactive opportunities all over the world. “Last Call” was the first Cinema Shortfilm that allowed viewers to interact directly with the story and even dictate its progression. “The Witness” took viewers out of their comfy sofa directly into the story. They became part of an interactive life game leading them through different locations in Berlin. Each location linked to a special film sequence via GPS, which only could be seen at this very place. Actors seen in the films suddenly became real; the viewer totally submerged into the story. Reality and fiction became one.

Recently she produced an award winning campaign for the German Bank Sparkasse a quirky music video at its’ centerpiece. After finishing her studies of film and literature with an exam on „the esthetics of advertising“ she expanded her practical knowledge in working for various Film Productions in Hamburg, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

Before becoming an agency producer she worked as talent scout and sales Rep at Markenfilm – the biggest Commercial Production Company in Europe. Besides holding lectures at film schools or festivals (e.g. Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, HFF Munich, Hamburg Media School, Tel Aviv international Film Festival) she was jury member at various Festivals. 

Her curiosity and her unstoppable interest in all sorts of images made her an indispensable ally at Jung von Matt, that was recently awarded Independent Agency of the year 2018.