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There is very little difference between Jorge Colón’s age and the time he has been associated with the media world. As Jorge Felix’s son, one of Venezuela’s most renowned actors and producers, Jorge Colón practically grew up in a television studio. When he was only twenty-­three years old Jorge directed his first feature signaling the beginning of a thriving career.

In 1993 Jorge opened Radio Letca in Caracas, Venezuela, with his partner Melanie. They offered post-­
production services, and Jorge himself worked as editor and post-­ producer. Radio Letca opened the doors for Jorge to start directing commercials for Johnson & Johnson. Having this post-­production background, today as a director Colón films with a great understanding of the finalizing process, giving him a creative advantage while shooting by having results in mind from the very beginning of production.

In 1995 Colón permanently moved the company to Miami, and establish it as Letca Films. The company’s successful breakthrough in Miami’s advertising and film industries lead them to work, not only with the U.S. Hispanic Market, but overseas as well, for countries like Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

Jorge has worked with top of line creative teams. His work has been recognized with several international awards. His career as an advertising director led Jorge to do campaigns for great brands and companies around the world. Jorge has worked extensively in Latin America and the U.S. for the Hispanic and General market, as well as shooting in Europe and the Middle East fulfilling the needs of many multicultural markets.

Being a successful advertising director, Jorge Colón takes another leap forward, now towards movies, and in December 2006 his first Feature film, “Tired Of Kissing Frogs”, was released in Mexico. The response was amazing, both by the film critics and the public. Soon after the success of his first film, Jorge starts writing his most personal project; A second movie: “Sin Ella” (“Without Her”). The screenplay was presented to Miravista International; they were blown away with the story and decided to make it a feature film.

Jorge style is very diverse because of his background in different formats: TV, advertising and Film; each of the areas being breeds of their own. As a director, his focus in acting is a trademark of his work, always achieving very powerful and sensitive performances from his actors. Jorge Colón is also known for his exceptional devotion to his career. He is a director with extraordinary energy, a powerful narrative and a sharp sensitivity that’s evident from the very moment he starts a new project.