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With a background in fine art and industrial design, Jason got into the film industry as an outsider. He started his career as an assistant producer for Millyfilms until becoming a producer. In 2013 he moved to CAVIAR as head of international sales, his role was to handle international productions for Asia, MEA and Eastern Europe where he made an important international network. Throughout the years, Jason collaborated with director’s such as Jaco Van Dormael, Arnaud Uyttenhove, Reynald Gresset, Tony Kaye , Ian pons Jewell and Karim Huu Do to name a few directors he grew up with in the buinsess.

In 2015 he left Caviar with the ambition to build a new production company based in Brussels with his partner and friend Ruben Goots. A production that would focus on it’s loyal local and international network. HAMLET approach wants to stay simple still with an ambition to focus on humanity, respect and creativity when it comes to collaborating with directors, agencies and clients. His aim with HAMLET was to bring a new breed of directors he met mainly when shooting abroad and mix them with more established talents. In 2018 Hamlet opened a new boutique in Berlin with its new partner Jens Groeger.

Jason worked for clients such as Nissan, Nike, Bridgestone, Uniqlo, Lidl, Jins eyewear, Coca Cola, Ford,…. And agencies such as BBDO, W+K, Vice Vertue, TBWA and Dentsu. His awards among Cannes, Lions include ADfest, Lynx, Creative circle CCB and Merit awards for exporting Belgium talent’s internationally.
With Hamlet, Jason created a place where talent finds a home; directors, producers, actors and writers with memorable stories to tell. They will join in, stay for a while and then maybe move on, but never without leaving their mark.