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JARBAS AGNELLI is a Brazilian multimedia artist who uses film, photo, illustration and music to communicate ideas. In 2002 he founded AD Studio, a production house in São Paulo, Brazil, which over the last 15 years has become internationally recognized for its work in advertising, music videos, shorts, internet and tv content and soundtracks. In his many years as studio head, he has directed over 500 films, the majority of which utilize his unique mix of special effects and alternative filming techniques. Always interested in technology, Jarbas’ development as a filmmaker has paralleled the rise of digital media and computer processing. In the late nineties he was producing entire digital commercials and soundtracks alone at his home, as one of the pioneers of full CGI in Brazil. After winning several Brazilian MTV music video awards, with videos produced in this way, he decided to open AD Studio with a group of friends. Prior to AD Studio, Jarbas spent many years working as an in house art director for several major Brazilian

advertising agencies. During this period, his work garnered him several national and international awards (Cannes, Clio, NY Festival, Andy, El Ojo, Profissionais do Ano, etc) . In 2001 he won the Grand Prix at Clio for his spot “The Week”, as well as 3 Gold Lions (Direction, Creation and Soundtrack of the piece). His viral work “Birds on the Wires” was picked as one of the Top 25 best videos on Youtube by the first ever Youtube Play Guggenheim – A Biennial of Creative Videos. The video has been viewed millions of times online and was exhibited at the Guggenheim museums in New York, Berlin, Bilbao and Venice. Jarbas also did the viral video “The City of Samba”, a tilt-shift time-lapse short about Rio de Janeiro and Carnival, which was produced in collaboration with the Australian photographer Keith Loutit. Both Birds on the Wires and The City of Samba became TED talks (TEDxSP and TEDxRio +20) where Jarbas gave speeches and performed with a small orchestra. On the musical side, Jarbas was a member of the electronic music group AD, which released an acclaimed album on Trama Records. He is now involved on several projects that use interactive projection of music visualization.