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Born in Tunisia, brought up in Paris and living in Brazil since 1981. Working in film production since 1981. Has produced hundreds of commercials, short films, music videos and documentaries. Founded Zohar, a commercial and film production company created, in 1987.
Since then, Zohar has produced more than 1.000 commercials. Shooting has been done on locations and stages all over Brazil and in over 20 countries around the world, with famous directors such as John Woo, Spike Jonze, Tarsem, Singh, Emir  Kusturica, Tony Kaye, Michael Redford, Marcus Nispel, Jake Scott, Louis Letterier, Francis Weber, Jean Baptiste Mondino and Jean Paul Goude, among many others. Zohar also produces and co-produces feature films, short films, video & TV documentaries. Some of them are “The final”, a multi awarded short story; the compilation “Loving Rio”, “Com que roupa”, five short stories about love in Rio; “The merry wives”, by Leila Hipólito; “Noel, o poeta da vila” by Ricardo Van Steen; and the documentaries for TV “Jungle Pilots”, for National Geography Channel; “Corpo do Rio”, with Arte; and multi awarded  documentaries “Biopirates” (UNESCO award at Ekofilm Festival) and “Simonal”, with Globo Films (Grand Prize of Brazilian Cinema). Music Videos and DVDs include U2, The Rappa, Victor & Leo, Emma Burton, Nando Reis, Planet Hemp and Babyface.
ZOHAR has also been the production service company for major American studios. Among these, “Abortion”, in co-production with Tony Kaye Films; “Le Jaguar”, in partnership with Gaumont International and MPC Productions; “The Incredible Hulk 2”, for Marvel; “Aon Flux”; “Breaking Dawn- The Twillight Saga”, for Summit Entertainment; and “Pele, birth of a legend”, with Dico Films, to be released in 2014.