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Ian Ruschel has directed films for brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Ford, Johnnie Walker, Audi, McDonald’s, Budweiser and HSBC. Besides advertising, his personal projects have international recognition. One example of that is ‘Las Calles de Borges’, a tribute to the poet Jorge Luis Borges, filmed, photographed, and edited by Ian in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has more than 2 million views and and a staff picks.

Ian Ruschel transmits in his works naturalist and sensorial language, having as as main inspiration vivid childhood memories of elfs and monsters. Thanks mostly to his mother and her series of fairy tales features most family members, including the cats and dogs. 🙂

Ian explores mostly a combination of Hollywood classical movies –  especially the first  person narrative format ones where both camera and light are in service of exposing the characters mental state combined with a mix of pictures, paintings, music videos with a poetic, oniric feel. At the end of he day it’s all about the actors and the characters soul they create together.

His personality appears very clearly in the films he directs.