South Africa

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Hylton has worked in advertising, production and post production for almost two decades.

He joined Ninety9cents (99c), one of South Africa’s largest independent advertising agencies, as a Senior TV Producer in 2008 and transitioned to Head of Broadcast in 2012. Hylton was appointed Production Director shortly thereafter, and also sits on the agency’s executive board of directors.

As head of one of the busiest production hubs in Africa, Hylton leads a team of twenty-five people and is responsible for Ninety9cents’ broadcast content, art production, post production and traffic departments. Hylton has strategic oversight across +1000 commercials each year, for some of the country’s best loved, longest-standing brands.

Hylton has always been drawn to independent agencies for their agility and autonomous spirit. Prior to joining Ninety9cents Hylton spent five years as a TV Producer at another of South Africa’s leading independent advertising agencies, The Jupiter Drawing Room, where he produced work for some of the country’s most recognizable brands.

Hylton is a patriot! He is passionate about South Africa, its people, its brands and its advertising.