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Integrated Marketing Communications Director

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As Advertising Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communications Director for The Coca-Cola Company Europe, Guido Rosales is responsible for the development of Communications Strategies, the European Innovation Lab, Digital and Design Vision and main campaigns for TCCC brands among other responsibilities. Previously to join Europe, he has been leading the IMC organization in Latin America for 6 years and has led internationally recognized marketing campaigns.
Among his main achievements he has developed and consolidated the Integrated Marketing Organization in Latam and the Partnership with main Advertising and Digital agencies and Production Houses. Under his leadership, The Coca-Cola Company was Advertiser of the year for two years in the row in Latam and was the most awarded region for TCCC at Cannes in 2011 and 2012. He was responsible for campaigns as Reason To Believe in a Better World, Security Cameras (first Latin America spot in the Superbowl), Heroes, Crazy for Good, and the strategy behind Coca-Cola TV and Coca-Cola FM in Latam.