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Gijs Determeijer founded HALAL in 2010, together with producers Gijs Kerbosch and Roel Oude Nijhuis. The company’s focus is to create purely creative work through documentaries, fiction, commercials, photography and music videos. Its goal is to operate on a global level from Amsterdam.

Today, HALAL represents a steady group of 25 directors and photographers for commercial work (most renowned are Johan Kramer, Sam De Jong & Karen Rosetzsky), and is surrounded by a large group of creative people, connected to people & networks all over the world. Its permanent production staff consists of 10 producers, who are aided by 5 to 10 freelancers. Its creative muscle has made waves in the commercial arena, working with clients such as COCA-COLA, SAMSUNG, ADIDAS, EA GAMES, HEINEKEN, FOX SPORTS, SCHWEPPES, CONVERSE, CITIZEN, and NIKE.

In 2014, they released three documentaries (selected at Hotdocs and Locarno 2014), produced two short fiction films (selected at Berlinale 2014), over 25 commercial shoots and over 100 photo shoots. In 2011 and 2012, HALAL co-produced two feature films: New Kids Turbo & New Kids Nitro. Both films were huge box office successes in the Netherlands and Germany, with TV sales all over the world. This summer our first independently produced feature film Prince, directed by Sam de Jong, is released in theaters in the Netherlands, Mexico and even the US! The film premiered at the Berlinale 2015 and received a special mention from the jury.