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In the business, they call him Nencio.
He became the proud President of AIR3 Associazione Italiana Registi, the Italian Directors Guild, in 2015.
As a Director he had the opportunity to shoot award-winning commercial work (Cannes Lion for a Swatch worldwide campaign) in challenging agency and client environments where team integration, a positive attitude and a sense of humour are the ingredients he always brings to the party.
His work as a Photographer, which includes a number of personal exhibitions, was awarded the First Absolute Prize at Orvieto Foto Festival for a black and white book on NonPlaces.
Stretching his work from one media to the next as a result of the digital revolution has actually strengthened his call for cutting a story short and straight to an audience.
Italian by chance and tuscan by soul, Francesco has lived in Florence, Venice and New York City before heading to Milan where he became the father of two wild boars and still supports the colour of purple of AC Fiorentina.
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