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Falk Florian Eumann is the co-founder and award-winning Creative Director of Caviar Digital, the interactive branch of Caviar Content. Falk started his career in Advertising as an Art Director in his Heimat Germany where he created impactful & widely recognized campaigns for numerous iconic brands. In 2001, he packed his bags and moved to Amsterdam with one goal in mind: to take the local cayenne/dentsu office to an international level and make it thrive. Mission accomplished. In 2005 he began a successful freelancing career as a creative consultant for advertising agencies and brand strategy companies all across Europe. As a creative entrepreneur he co-founded the Amsterdam-based brand atelier Falk & Sun’s, which later ignited the launch of Rocket Science Studios – a digital production company working white label for a large number of agencies. Wishing to share his knowledge and passion, Falk has been speaking & lecturing at numerous international creative conferences and universities. These days he spends his time between Amsterdam and Los Angeles, where he recently relocated to the über-hipster neighborhood of Silver Lake. Falk insists he was wearing plaid shirts way before moving there.