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Elissa started her career on the West Coast, where she developed her producing career, working as Executive Producer and Head of Production at a variety of Los Angeles shops including Mendelsohn/Zien, BBDO, Publicis & Hal Riney and Saatchi & Saatchi. Her time in the States saw her produce award-winning work for clients such as Toyota, Aquafina, Saturn, Clothestime and eToys.
Her next move was east, to Europe, where she joined Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Her ten years at the agency has seen Elissa produce an incredible portfolio of work as Executive Producer, including renowned commercials such as Heineken “Odyssey”, Coca-Cola ‘Birds Nest’ for the Beijing Olympics and Coca-Cola ‘Library’, EA Games FIFA “Feel the Game’, ‘Join the Clu13’ and ‘Bury Me’, and Powerade ‘Power Through’ (London Olympics 2012).
Her most famous productions to date come as a result of a strong relationship with one client – Nike. These include the seminal Nike Women ‘Dance’, Nike ‘Joga Bonito’ (World Cup 2006), Nike Airmax ‘Defy’ & ‘Endure’ and of course the infamous ‘Write the Future’. Created for the 2010 World Cup, weighing in at 3 minutes long, it was pronounced the most awarded commercial in the world ever by the Gunn Report (Feb 2012), picking up a mere 6 Best in Show, 8 Grand Prix, 28 Gold awards among others.
Passionate about the trees, animal and the planet, Elissa can fix anything. Also known in the industry as the Pink Panther.