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Dr. Bob Deutsch is a cognitive anthropologist, who for the past 23 years has been providing consultation on branding, marketing, and strategy to the world of commerce (see Dr. Bob casts a primal eye on modernity to help his clients better understand people as real human beings and not just as a number, a demographic, or a consumer. In this way he offers valuable insights into how the story of a product and company can fit into peoples’ story of themselves; this merging of narratives being the essence of branding, product design, and content creation.

Dr. Bob has lived in New Guinea and Amazonia studying preliterate tribes, worked in strategy rooms on Madison Avenue and in war rooms along Pennsylvania Avenue. Consulting in all these varied contexts, he has concluded that you have to get people right in order to develop valid strategies, and without good strategy, a business –or any institution– doesn’t have much going for it.

Currently, Dr. Bob is also working on what comprises The Imaginative Mind. For this, he is studying the cognitive processes that go into great craftsmanship. Dr. Bob writes a column for the Huffington Post and has given a TED Talk on The Imaginative Mind.