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David Smith is a South African born writer and Creative Director who specializes in sport. First joining Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam in 2006, David now runs the EA Sports and Nike accounts, having previously gained experience in South Africa and Australia working on a variety of sports and sport related brands. He has worked with some of the world’s best athletes, from bone-crunchers to foot poets, from human speed machines to portly gentlemen who play a straight bat. He has produced award-winning campaigns for the world’s biggest sporting events including the football and rugby world cups, and the Olympic and Paralympic games, all in the hope of getting free tickets. He has the best sport package that cable TV can offer and the best excuse ever (he has to watch for work).
In his spare time, David cycles badly, runs infrequently, and also writes, usually about South African society and politics, with the occasional rant about sport. He is a regular contributor to the Mail & Guardian in South Africa, occasionally to the UK Guardian, and every now and then to The Roar in Australia.