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I started working at Partizan at the last century when i used to send faxes, copy umatic and deliver CD’s and color storyboads to directors. At the time, Partizan was a small boutique in Paris and I was receptionist / runner, the boss’ assistant, and Head of Music Video, all combined!

Soon I concentrated on being Head of Music Video full time and produced works for Michel Gondry, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Quentin Dupieux, Alex and Martin and many more, most of them as they were doing their first promos. It was also the first time we had cool music in France -“the French Touch”- and I had a lot of fun producing videos for the likes of Daft Punk, Air, Phoenix, Cassius, Mr. Oizo, Étienne de Crecy, Alex Gopher, etc.

I graduated from music video to commercials joining Les Télécréateurs, where I’ve been trying to keep the creativity spirit alive.